Exceptional Sunshine Coast Commercial Cleaning Services

We provide a complete range of professional commercial cleaning services for Sunshine Coast businesses.  From Caloundra to Maroochydore and Noosa our cleaners are the best around. Whether you have a small office requiring a weekly service or a large school looking for a daily solution we would be delighted to hear from you.



Commercial Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Our coverage area includes all of the Sunshine Coast as well as Brisbane. We specialise in providing regular commercial cleaning whether that is daily or weekly.

Exceptional Commercial Cleaners

Our staff and contractors are properly trained and will have all the equipment required to do the job. They are well trained, friendly, insured and trustworthy. Our services are guaranteed.

Brilliant Office Cleaning Solutions

Our well trained contractors are not only great value but well trained and police checked. T2 specialists will work with you to determine the best process and system for your business.

Why Choose Us?

As a local, family business our reputation for customer service is extremely important to us. Everything we do is based around client satisfaction and we now manage over 100 businesses. Our customers really appreciate our friendly and proactive communication and our rates are extremely competitive.


T2 is focused on maintaining exceptional commercial cleaning standards. At the same time we take care to follow environmentally friendly practices. We take pride in living in paradise and we want to keep it that way. This doesn’t come at a high price as we also offer excellent value and discounts for loyal customers.


Commercial Cleaning Services

Most of our services are regular business and office cleaning jobs but we can also provide builders cleaning and building bond cleans. We specialise in providing a one stop shop for all waste removal, recycling and commercial cleaning. This means we can save you money by bundling your facilities management together and that you have one point of contact for everything.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaners are well trained, professional and trustworthy. They will clean out of hours or at a time to suit you. We understand the importance or a clean office for health and productivity. Whether is is a daily office clean or a weekly service we have cleaners available in all areas of the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Every 12 Months we ask all of our customers to rate our key performance areas as we strive for continual improvement. We are always very open about this and here you will find the results from last year.


Friendliness of Staff


Professionalism of Cleaners




Overall Service

Since T2 have taken over our office cleaning we have noticed a dramatic improvement in quality and professionalism. I have found the team extremely helpful and friendly and the billing process is really simple.

Morrell Taylor

Office Manager, Tele2

We were delighted with the prompt, efficient, thorough and professional cleaning of our premises. We would recommend T2 and use you again.

Christina Turner

Principal, Workplace Investigations

Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Every business – customer-facing or otherwise – places a high premium on their staff well-being. Many companies, however, hesitate to spend money on commercial cleaning companies, preferring to let their employees undertake the work. But it is often difficult for employees with the willingness, motivation, and time to clean as well do their other work – that is where we come in.

As much as you’d like to keep your offices or business spaces clean, it’s usually much easier said than done. Cleaning these areas requires professional service providers and it is very different to that of residential homes and other similar spaces.

Business areas typically have very different activities from homes and private residences, generating much more waste and usually having more people to account for. Also, depending on the nature of the company’s activities, some businesses – like hospitals – may even generate special or hazardous waste that most regular service providers aren’t equipped to handle.

We currently provide solutions for the following Industries:

Offices: Whether a single-room office or a large building with several hundred employees, our team members make sure that your premises are left completely clean – taking into consideration the special care required when dealing with sensitive data and infrastructure.

Schools: Any institution frequented by children constantly deals with germs, dirt and grime. Regular and thorough cleaning is required to minimise spread of diseases and to keep sickness at bay.

Retail: Presenting well-maintained shops and showrooms is essential for a retail business. Our daily or weekly schedules can handle shops of all sizes.

Medical: Handling and disposal of hazardous waste in keeping with all governmental and organisational regulations is best managed when you engage experienced professional cleaners. Our procedures meet hospital standards.

High-rise:  High-rise buildings present different challenges with respect to equipment and skills. Our trained staff members are well-equipped for these, and do the job quickly and efficiently. We have carried out many pressure washing services on large building on the Sunshine Coast as well as mould prevention.

Child care: In-house cleaning is inevitable for a child care centre, but to minimise spread of infections in infants, supplementing it with regular, professional maintenance is always recommended.

Aged care: When dealing with frail and immunocompromised individuals, there can be no excuses for shoddy standards. We clean and maintain aged care facilities with professionalism, and always with the health and safety of the residents in mind.

Why choose T2 for your Sunshine Coast Commercial Cleaning?

Clearly, if you want to make your business as clean and productive as it can be, then you’ll have to hire experts to do it. Here’s why we think you should choose T2 Environmental:

Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise can make a significant difference in any industry, and the same certainly holds true for facilities management. T2’s teams provide both to a high degree.

We have extensive experience in business and commercial cleaning. Our teams are among the most experienced in the industry. Our specialists have extensive business experience. Therefore we can provide a more holistic approach to our services that benefits the companies we work with. Our contract cleaners are all police checked and insured.

We are a local Sunshine Coast based company and we only want happy customers. We guarantee quality and will always return if you are not satisfied.

Cleaning Duster

Highly Competitive Pricing

T2 proudly partners with many reliable, local contractors. This allows us to provide a complete facilities management solution. Whether it is a daily clean or a weekly clean our buying power means we can keep our prices low and highly competitive.

Our extensive network of partners across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast means that we can provide a complete range of environmental services. We have selected the best commercial cleaning contractors for your business, so you will receive the most efficient and cost-effective service possible.

In most cases, a professional commercial cleaning service would be the most effective solution for your office or building. This becomes truer the larger your company is and the more locations you have.

Not only do specialists like us have all the necessary equipment to clean your space thoroughly, but we also have the expertise on how to do it right. These qualities will ultimately be able to save you valuable resources – both in time and money – making T2 Enviro the most cost-effective solution for many companies.

Sustainable Practices

At T2, it’s not enough for us to simply deliver an efficient and effective commercial cleaning service. It’s also important for us to provide the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Our cleaners use a range of citrus based, chemical free products and we even provide a full range of business recycling services.  We know the best organic products for different situations and the techniques that have the least impact on the environment.

At T2, we implement environmentally friendly practices that can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill (Zero Waste is our goal) and invest in innovative yet cost-effective technologies towards this aim. We also suggest and encourage methods for increasing recycling.

We supply a range of eco friendly citrus based cleaning products. These products are not only chemical free but they also leave surfaces sparkingly clean and fresh.

Our services include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, bathrooms, exteriors, emptying the waste and recycling bins, disinfecting if necessary – in short, everything required for a thorough clean.

For most businesses, the challenge is in finding an environmentally friendly commercial cleaning company who works with minimal interference to the employees and the customers or patrons. At  T2 Environmental we offer different timings to fit your schedule and bring organic cleaning supplies so as to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our goal is to provide the most sustainable facilities management service in Queensland.

commercial cleaning spray

Use of Special Equipment and Supplies

As mentioned above, many companies and businesses generate waste that regular companies may not be able to handle. We will have all the necessary tools and equipment to handle, manage, and dispose of such waste properly.

Even if your Queensland business doesn’t generate any special or hazardous waste materials, you’ll still benefit from our special cleaning equipment. Many of the tools and supplies we use are designed to clean faster and more efficiently than most normal cleaning equipment.

We will supply all equipment and organic supplies so you don’t have to store them on site.


Another benefit of hiring professionals to clean your business premises is that you get more consistent results, especially if you work with experts in the industry like us. These experts will know what they’re doing and will have the experience to deliver the same high quality service every time. This ensures more consistent results for your company that will give you a better idea of what to expect from your investment.

Aside from this, any good service will also be able to offer you regular scheduled cleaning. This saves you the worry from having to rebook the service each time. We offer a variety of scheduled services, from fortnightly schedules to even daily cleans.

Keeping Your Sunshine Coast Office Clean

If there’s one place you always want keep clean, it’s your office. No matter how big or small it may be, there’s no question that this space is vital to your business. Aside from being the place that your employees spend most of their time in, it’s often your primary point of contact for customers and clients.

It may not be obvious, but the appearance and state of your office space can speak volumes about your company. It often reflects the way you conduct your business. It also provides clients an idea of what kind of service to expect from your organisation. Accordingly the condition of your office space sets you off on the right foot if it’s good but it may be hard to undo if it’s bad.

If you want to always keep your business on track for success, then you have to make sure that your office is clean and orderly at all times. We provide office solutions across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and guarantee to improve your workplace.

Don’t Be Shy

We have contractors in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and our experts are more than happy to visit your premises for a no obligation discussion about how we can help. We offer discounts for all customers who sign up to a 12 month agreement and direct debit. If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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