Do You Know Which Recycling Equipment is Best for Your Business?

Recycling equipment has revolutionized the way businesses handle their waste. Shredders, grinders and granulators are some of the most widely used equipment for recycling waste. Even though all three of them are size reduction machines, the processes employed by them differ from each other. To ensure that you choose the

Organic Waste Disposal and Recycling in Australia

Organic waste is the “good” waste. Because it’s biodegradable, it’s easily recyclable. It should never go into landfills. However, according to the Department of the Environment and Energy, in 2010-2011, 6.6 million tonnes, 47%, did wind up in a landfill. Australia still depends heavily on landfill for waste disposal. Most waste

Some Pretty Dire Consequences of Not Recycling

It happened so slowly that no one realized it. When plastic milk jugs replaced glass, when men stopped using razor strops in favor of disposable blades, and when picnic plates, cups and cutlery became disposable, people raved about the convenience of plastics. From that point, pretty near everything people use

6 Benefits of Using a Professional Waste Collection Company

We understand that commercial waste removal is not the most exciting of topics to talk about at the dinner table but if you have reached this page we will assume you do have some interest in commercial waste. It is indeed a very necessary and important business process. Without the

The National Waste Policy – Improving and Maintaining the Australian Environment

Australia has always been known for its pristine beauty, though it took some time for us to realise how damaging waste is to the ecosystem. It wasn’t until 1992 when we finally developed a comprehensive domestic approach to waste. This was through the National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development by

The Ultimate Cost Saving Waste Reduction Program

Waste reduction is crucial to your company’s profitability, and to the environment. Simply look at your monthly waste bill with your accountant and you’ll probably be amazed at how much your business throws away each month – not only in waste, but in cold hard cash. It’s a business issue

Which Businesses Produce Waste

We realise that every business sector presents its own particular set of environmental problems and each business within that sector is unique. With that in mind, we have put together a list of some of the facilities and work locations in Queensland (and indeed the rest of Australia), and identified

Food Waste in the Food Service Industry

There is no doubt that the food service industry has seen huge growth in Australia over the last decade. Australia has a productive food manufacturing industry, employing thousands of people right across the country. But have you ever considered how much waste this industry generates and where it all goes?

Cycling Kit Donations to Africa

Update as at 01.09.18 – Unfortunately due to the extremely high response rate we have had to this initiative we are currently not accepting any more kit for recycling. We are working on further opportunities for this as there is clearly an awful lot of demand! Our managing director has

Five waste reduction rules to abide by

There is an unspoken stigma implying that green initiatives are a money pit. Corporations who try to help to create sustainable initiatives are seen to be doing a community service, rather than fulfilling their basic obligations. Much of that stigma is dated and the companies who do engage in sustainable

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