Making a Payment

We like to make our services simple and efficient. We also like to make it easy for you to pay us!

Credit Card Payments

To complete a credit card payment online please visit this real time web payment link

Alternatively you can phone 1300 369 187 and use the T2 Environmental biller code 100-238-970

Credit card payments will be subject to the following fees:

Transaction Fee: Visa and MasterCard


Direct Debits

For customers with a regular service with T2 we recommend setting up a direct debit facility.

If you are not already a direct debit customer please click on the link below and complete your details. If you require a customer number please call 1300 578707 or email

Direct Debit Set Up

What is direct debit?

Direct debit is a pre-authorised payment set to a fixed or varying
amount to be paid by the customer to the supplier. It is important to
remember that with direct debit, the customer is always in control of
their spending and their payments.

What does this mean for you?

When you break your payments down into smaller amounts, purchases
become more affordable. Direct debit saves time, is efficient and
reduces late payment charges and awkward conversations about
overdue bills.

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