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As an independent, waste company we work with a number of local contractors to ensure you not only receive the best price but also the ultimate service.

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We don’t own skip vehicles or landfills. This means we’re not interested in selling you any particular skip hire service. Instead, we find and manage the best skip bin solution for your needs.

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At T2, everything we do revolves around making your life easier, from finding the right skip bin service to managing contracts and following up on any special requests. This way, you get the best value for your money.

Here are some instances where skip bins are the best solution:

Reducing, reusing and recycling can make a significant difference to your environmental impact, not to mention your bottom line. We believe that unwanted materials should be seen as a resource. Our commitment to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill is achieved through providing proper education and business waste management advice. If you can reduce, reuse and recycle, you will save money and decrease your carbon footprint. Numerous studies have shown that environmentally sustainable companies are more profitable and productive.

In general, any occasion requiring the immediate disposal of a large amount of waste can benefit from a skip bin. Skip bins are available in several different sizes depending on the amount of garbage to be disposed.

  • Regular waste disposal purposes for large industries.
  • Construction sites
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Individual households might also require a skip bin during a renovation or reconstruction phase to handle construction waste, when moving out, or when doing major landscaping.

Industries and businesses generating larger amounts of waste often require larger skip bins. The difference between a wheelie bin and a skip bin is that a wheelie bin is emptied into a larger truck that will collect from multiple sites, whereas a skip bin is directly taken to the transfer station or landfill site in a special truck. An empty skip bin will be often be needed and left to replace the full bin.


Skip bins are significantly larger than regular domestic garbage containers and can be used for the disposal of general waste and discarded materials. Because of their larger size, skips are typically used by industrial companies, restaurants, retail stores, and large apartments. Individual households may also use these larger containers for occasions such as renovations, construction, or any other event that requires enormous amounts of rubbish to be disposed of.

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An important thing to remember is that regular skip bins cannot be used for asbestos disposal. Separate asbestos removal skip bins must be used: the bins must be double-lined with thick plastic (at least 200 micron thickness) and sealed using quality duct tape. Other wastes should not be mixed with the asbestos waste.
When you are working with new construction, chances are there is going to be a great deal of waste. Whether you are taking down old parts in order to make space for new, or starting with a clean slate it is inevitable you will require a skip bin.
Of course, any type of construction calls for a great deal of organizational skills. But when you use a service that provides you with skip bins, you’ll find that life will be easier – taking one, important variable off the table.
Skip Bins are crucial when you are working in construction. As a result, before you even begin your project, all of your preparations already should be in place. It’s important to work with a company that understands your needs.
Getting Exactly What You Want
Working with a company that also provides other waste and recycling-related services means that you will have access to a variety of partnerships.
Therefore depending on the size of your project, you’ll have the ability to pick between a variety of sizes of skip bins. So no matter how big or how small the construction project, your needs will be met.
One of the things that our clients love most about us is that we?ll do everything for you. Our integrated solution allows you to get all the services you need through T2. This makes things significantly simpler and easier.
  • General garbage services
  • Construction
  • Scheduled pick ups
  • Front lift
If you require more specific solution, then we will find it.We have partnerships with specialists all over Australia and we will always work with you to find the answer.
The best part is that we will do more than just provide these services to you we will also manage it as well. We will find the right solution to fit your needs and manage all the contractors on your behalf. With T2, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with different skip bin providers. We will do all the work for you, and you can focus on your own operations.
Aside from our integrated collection system, the other thing that truly differentiates T2 from others is our genuine passion for environmental sustainability.
We are not in this business simply for the money. We’re also committed to helping companies reduce their landfill contribution and carbon footprints as much as possible. That is why we have our Zero Landfill philosophy, steering clients towards the path of complete sustainability and zero landfill waste.
This is why we incorporate recycling into our clients systems as much as possible. In fact, we provide a variety of skip bins for resource recovery and collecting different types of materials. This way, if applicable, you’ll be able to increase your recycling activities and have a more environment-friendly system.
And whenever it’s not possible to recycle or reuse materials, we’ll see to it that it’s disposed of in the most responsible and appropriate way. We also only work with companies that practice sustainable and environmently-friendly treatment methods, so you can be sure this philosophy extends to our partners.


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This mostly depends on the policies and regulations of your local council. In Brisbane, skip bins do not generally require a permit if the bin will be placed on your property or driveway, or on a footway for a short duration (less than 48 hours). However, a permit from the relevant council is required when:
  • The skip bin will be placed on a footway and will be there for more than two days.
  • The skip bin will fully obstruct the footway causing pedestrians to step on the road.
  • The skip bin will be placed somewhere within the CBD or on the footway of a busy main road.
Skip bins are typically used for large amounts of general waste. Waste materials include general household rubbish, construction materials and debris, garden and greenery waste, and old furniture or broken household equipment.
Although a variety of waste can be put into skip bins, there are some materials that aren’t suited for it. These mostly apply to waste and materials that require special handling and disposal. These include asbestos, batteries, oil, chemicals, computers, tyres, gas bottles, and wet or liquid waste. If you?re unsure about how to handle these materials safely, our specialists will be able to guide you on its proper disposal.
This depends entirely on what you need it for and how much waste you need to dispose of. T2 works with a wide variety of companies, so you’ll have access to a range of sizes. We can help assess your situation and determine your best options for you.

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