6 Benefits of Using a Professional Waste Collection Company

We understand that commercial waste removal is not the most exciting of topics to talk about at the dinner table but if you have reached this page we will assume you do have some interest in commercial waste. It is indeed a very necessary and important business process. Without the regular and proper disposal of waste, we would live in a society of rampant, toxic garbage, ever increasing environmental issues, and a greater threat to the health of all living things including plants, animals, and people.

It goes without saying that getting rid of business waste is a bigger chore for large companies and other professional entities than it is for individuals or families who produce substantially less garbage.

It’s tempting to think that most waste and recycling services offer the same level of provision, but in reality this is frequently just not the case. Some providers deliver far more for the price you pay than others, so why not take a look at some of the additional benefits your organisation could enjoy, simply by opting for a high calibre waste management company that makes premium customer service a priority?

Whether you are a small or large?business hiring a professional garbage collection company will make your life easier and provide a wealth of advantages. In this post, you will discover six?important benefits of professional waste collection and waste removal.

Waste Collection Company Bin

1. You Are Better Able to Manage Time Efficiently

  This advantage is directed primarily at anyone?who runs a business whether it is a small mom-and-pop restaurant or a large corporation with offices in an entire building. With lots of waste comes lots of time, resources, and money needed to safely dispose of this waste. That is, unless you have a professional waste collection company who is able to collect and dispose of the waste for you. When you are running a business, your time is invaluable and must be used to tackle pressing tasks. You don’t want your schedule to be eaten up by waste removal chores, so investing in a professional company to literally do the dirty work for you will prove to be immensely efficient. In addition?to saving time, saving money is an extra?bonus. When you use the services of a professional waste collection company, you will quickly learn that it is a more affordable option than trying to do all the collection and removal on your own.

2. You Are Better Able to Maintain Health And Safety

  If you run a business and have employees working for you, ensuring that you have created a safe atmosphere for them is part of your job. Maintain both the health and the safety of your employees (and yourself) by regularly having waste and garbage removed by specialists who know how to do the job properly. If you do not have a sufficient waste removal plan?in place, you are opening your business (including employees and clients) up to a variety of potential health problems. But when you have a team of professional garbage collection professionals removing the waste for you, the risk of these problems ever arising essentially becomes obsolete.

3. You Can Explore Additional?Waste Removal Services

  If you hire a team of professionals to take care of waste collection and removal for you, they will also be able to provide a variety of other helpful services should you ever need them. Whether your household or business needs one or multiple waste removal services, the right company, such as T2 Environmental, will consult with you on your needs and make recommendations on affordable services to help you reduce and eliminate waste as well as reuse certain materials and recycle. When it comes to procurement, it’s nearly always more cost effective to opt for a company that can provide a range of services through one, straightforward and flexible contract than it is to try and juggle multiple contracts from a selection of different providers. In addition, using a single, experienced organisation for all your recycling requirements ensures that none of your waste gets inconveniently left behind due to it being outside the contract’s remit.

4. You Are Doing Your Part to Help The Environment

When you recruit the professional assistance of a garbage collection company, they will make sure that any materials that can be reused and should be recycled do not?end up in the landfill. By choosing an environmentally friendly waste collection company, you are doing your part to help the environment. Additionally, if you are a business, you will find that your profits and productivity increase when you are a business built on sustainability. Many recycling companies sell on your recycling, but don’t give you a share of the profit. Fortunately there are providers that do give you money back on any valuable resources that they sell. This type of arrangement gives the twin benefits of a circular economy and helpful added income.

5. You Are Improving Your Brand Image

  When you are a business that uses professional waste collection and removal services with a strong focus on recycling, you can proudly inform your clients and the public of that. By showing the public that you recycle, promote sustainability, and do your part to help preserve the environment, you are strengthening your brand image and thus greatly improving the way that your company is viewed. An added benefit is that when you both put into practice and actively promote recycling and environmentally-friendly options, your target demographic will likely become more conscious about recycling themselves.

6. You Will Find That it Becomes Easier to Keep Things Clean And Green

  Nothing is more aesthetically displeasing to the eye (and the nose) than a buildup of waste. Maintain a pristine environment by regularly eliminating waste on your premises. A clean environment is obviously more inviting for guests and clients and promotes greater?morale in your company team. In addition to it being easier for you to keep things clean, having professional garbage collection and removal will also make it easier for you to slowly implement a greener lifestyle. And naturally, when your home or business goes green, the quality of life drastically improves. Not only will you become healthier, proper waste elimination reduces many hassles and saves you money in the long run.

The different types of waste collections

Waste comes in different sizes and shapes. Because of this, a business that is looking to reduce its waste management costs, implementing a carefully considered and comprehensive waste and recycling plan is important. Depending on the type of industry, various waste collection services are available –

General waste

This refers to all waste streams that cannot be reused or recycled, but do not come under hazardous wastes. Soiled containers, food wastes (if there is no organics bin), tissue paper, plastics that cannot be recycled, plastic packaging etc. come under this category.

Hazardous wastes

All waste that is harmful to the environment and to public health comes under hazardous waste. All hazardous wastes should be safely collected, treated and properly disposed of according to law. There are separate hazardous waste streams like: ? Liquid wastes: including paints and dyes, organic sludge, laboratory chemicals and acids, oils and greases, resins and inks, detergents and wash water, solvents, latex etc. ? Clinical wastes: and medical wastes including sharps waste and cytotoxic waste that require tamper and puncture resistant containers for disposal. Surgeries, clinics, veterinaries, laboratories etc. can use this service. ? E-wastes: or electronic wastes that include broken or discarded electrical appliances, electronic devices, cables and mobile phones, fax machines, scanners, batteries, etc.

Green waste

For industries producing a lot of plant waste ? soft twigs, leaves, and small branches ? a separate green waste (or garden organics) bin is useful.

Organic (food) waste

Food industries benefit by having a separate organic waste service so that the food scraps, vegetable and fruit peels, coffee grounds etc can be composted instead of sent to landfill. These can either be composted on site or sent to a treatment plant for composting.

Commingle or separate recycling bins?

When it comes to recycling, smaller businesses often choose commingle, where all recyclable materials go into one bin. This includes all paper and cardboard, plastic containers, glass, metal scraps etc. But for industries producing more waste in a single category ? like lots of paper and cardboard material, or plenty of glass wastes ? separating recycling is better. Separate bins for all of these streams are available and this reduces the possibility of recycling centres being unable to sort the materials. For example, glass shards can be dangerous for a paper mill and can cause the equipment to stop working. One thing to remember is that shredded paper cannot be put in the paper/cardboard bin, but instead goes in the organics bin. A dedicated waste provider won’t just take away waste products in a timely and efficient manner, they will also have the expertise to advise on customised waste disposal methods designed to keep costs to a minimum. If you’re keen to discover ways to reduce waste across your company, or need to meet corporate recycling needs within a tight budget, a successful waste management service will have plenty of useful tips and suggestions to share. By using a well-established waste management company with a national presence and several different recycling facilities, it’s possible to save significantly on costs as well as enjoy a holistic, tailor made service that will be capable of meeting your recycling needs. If you’re currently considering which waste management provider will be most suitable, remember to look for partners that have the commitment to customer care and exemplary service your organisation deserves. To learn more about the advantages of professional waste collection and additional waste removal services,?contact us?today. The T2 Environmental team of specialists is dedicated to helping their clients with a variety of collection, removal, and recycling services. The professionals at T2 Environmental are also eager to answers any questions on the many environmental benefits of proper waste collection and removal. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and get a free quote.

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