Which Businesses Produce Waste

We realise that every business sector presents its own particular set of environmental problems and each business within that sector is unique. With that in mind, we have put together a list of some of the facilities and work locations in Queensland (and indeed the rest of Australia), and identified the most common types of waste they produce.


Whether it?s a small office of five people or a large government office, commercial offices produce a special mix of ?white collar? waste. The contents of a thousand discarded printouts, spent office supplies like broken pens and used printer cartridges as well as tea bags and coffee grounds by the tonne, all contribute to the total waste output of almost every office.

Building and Mining Sites

Mining and building sites produce a more specialised type of waste, often the kind that needs to be dealt with by specialist contractors and waste professionals. In addition, environmental concerns are more and more a primary concern of mining companies and building site operators, with companies wanting to leave a ?zero harm? effect on the environments and neighborhoods in which they operate.

Hospitals and Aged Care

One of the fastest growing sectors in Australia are hospital services and aged care, and that means that the waste they generate is growing too. While hazardous medical supplies certainly comprise some of the waste from these facilities, most of their waste comes from the discards of the thousands of patients, doctors, nurses and visitors who access them.

Schools and Universities

Education institutions in Queensland come in all shapes and sizes, from the 30 student community preschools and day care centres, to the university campuses that host tens of thousands of students and staff each week. The fact that most of a user?s day can be spent at these institutions means that the food, paper and organic waste they generate is huge. Add to that the constant stream of broken equipment and replaced resources, and you get an idea of how much waste these locations can produce. Whether you are a small start up office, a large school or a middle sized retirement facility, T2 Environmental can take care of your business waste needs. And if we haven?t mentioned your business type here ? we?d love the opportunity to assess your needs as well. For a free assessment of your current waste collection services, we welcome your call on 1300 578707

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