Considering the environment for your business purchases


Whether you’re the owner of a small business or the manager of a large firm, you’ve probably heard everything when it comes to waste management. You’ve already placed recycling bins around the office, you encourage your employees to avoid printing wherever possible and you’ve hired a company such as T2 Environmental to handle all of your commercial cleaning and business waste. While these are all fantastic steps to take, there are plenty more things you can do to build an environmentally friendly workplace. It all starts with what you purchase!

Whereas most waste management is reactive and thought about once the waste already exists, as in most cases, the best offence is a strong defence. By taking the time out to carefully consider the products you’re purchasing for your office, you can often reduce a huge amount of waste before it even makes it to your floorspace. While creating an environmentally friendly workplace can seem as if it’s on the bottom of the priority list between big meetings and reports due, it has far more benefits than you’ve probably considered.

Firstly, a lot of waste reduction efforts can actually help to save a lot of money. Many environmentally friendly products, including certain ink cartridges and paper, can be purchased in bulk. Not only does this reduce the amount of packaging needed to make its way to your office, but it also makes the product considerably cheaper. On top of that, less waste equals smaller rubbish removal costs; it turns out helping the environment can also help that bottom line!

If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a list of ideas to help reduce your waste when purchasing items for your office.

– Buy environmentally friendly ink and toner that use refills rather than new cartridges
– Buy recycled paper for everyday office printing (that doesn’t need to be used for reports etc.)
– Invest in an office coffee machine that grinds the coffee beans and doesn’t need to use pods
– Ask for products not to be packaged in plastic when sent to you, or opt to buy most things in bulk

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