Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaning

Eco Friendly Commercial Cleaning

Every business – customer-facing or otherwise – places a high premium on their cleaning and maintenance. Many companies, however, hesitate to spend money on commercial cleaning companies, preferring to let their employees undertake the cleaning. But it is often difficult for employees with the willingness, motivation, and time to clean as well do their other work – that is where we come in.

At T2 Environmental, we are focussed on maintaining commercial cleaning standards, at the same time taking care to follow environmentally friendly practices. Some of the commercial cleaning services we offer include:

Office cleaning: Whether a single-room office or a large building with several hundred employees, our team members make sure that your premises are left completely clean ? taking into consideration the special care required when dealing with sensitive data and infrastructure.

School cleaning: Any institution frequented by children constantly deals with germs, dirt and grime. Regular and thorough cleaning is required to minimise spread of diseases and to keep sickness at bay.

Retail: Presenting well-maintained shops and showrooms is essential for a retail business. Our daily or weekly cleaning schedule can handle shops of all sizes.

Medical: Handling and disposal of hazardous waste in keeping with all governmental and organisational regulations is best managed when you engage experienced professional cleaners. Our cleaning and disinfecting procedures meet hospital standards.

High-rise: Cleaning a high-rise building presents different challenges with respect to equipment and skills. Our trained staff members are well-equipped for these, and do the job quickly and efficiently.

Child care: In-house cleaning is inevitable for a child care centre, but to minimise spread of infections in infants, supplementing it with regular, professional cleaning is always recommended.

Aged care: When dealing with frail and immunocompromised individuals, there can be no excuses for shoddy cleaning standards. We clean and maintain aged care facilities with professionalism, and always with the health and safety of the residents in mind.

The T2 difference:

At T2 Environmental, we implement practices that can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill (Zero Waste is our goal) and invest in innovative yet cost-effective technologies towards this aim. We also suggest and encourage methods for reducing waste and increasing recycling.

Our services include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, bathroom cleaning, exterior cleaning, emptying the waste and recycling bins, disinfecting if necessary ? in short, everything required for a thorough clean.

For most businesses, the challenge is in finding a commercial cleaning company who works with minimal interference to the employees and the customers or patrons. At T2 Environmental, we offer different timings to fit your schedule and bring all necessary equipment and supplies so as to minimise disturbance and noise.

To find out more about our services and how we can help your business, we welcome your call on 1300 578707 for an obligation-free quote.

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