Waste Management Tips for Hotels

As environmental consciousness increases, the hospitality industry, like most other major sectors, is realising that through greener initiatives, they can attract more travellers and appeal to a broader customer base.

The fact that proper hotel waste management has been demonstrated to be profitable certainly adds to the interest. Contributing towards a healthier environment and cleaner surroundings for the staff and customers is an additional bonus.

Audits of Australian hotels have shown that more than 80% of hotel generated waste can be recycled, reused or used for composting.

Here are some waste management tips that can help hotels minimise the amount of landfill wastes, thereby saving money and resources:

  • During construction or refurbishment phases, try to use sustainable materials and arrange for separate waste handling and recycling.
  • For large events or busy seasons, arrange additional waste pickups and extra storage bins.
  • Buy cleaning products in bulk in the concentrated form. Use products with minimal packaging and those with recycled content, and try to return all crates, boxes and containers to suppliers.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory and storage system to prevent spoiling of perishable items. Using a first-in first-out system and regular, thorough checks can help avoid wastage.
  • Most kitchen and bar waste can be composted or recycled, if proper systems are in place. Excess food that has not been supplied to customers can be donated to charities.
  • Use recycled products for functions where paper bags and napkins are used. If disposable cutlery and plates have to be used, use ones that can be recycled or composted.
  • By providing separate bins marked ?waste? and ?recycle? in guest rooms, a large quantity of recyclable waste can be saved from landfill.
  • Switching to digital forms of communication and information storage eliminates a lot of paper waste and printer ink usage.
  • Furniture, used linen and other such items can be donated to charities.

Waste assessment, audits and reviews

A detailed waste audit and assessment of waste from individual areas of the hotel will help in identifying potential areas of improvement. Once the areas have been identified, it will be easier to tackle them individually, as different areas need different plans of action.

Any waste minimisation plan, to work properly, needs the full support of the staff and management. Regular reviews of the plan are also essential to ensure that targets are continuously being achieved.

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