Five waste reduction rules to abide by

reduce waste save moneyThere is an unspoken stigma implying that green initiatives are a money pit. Corporations who try to help to create sustainable initiatives are seen to be doing a community service, rather than fulfilling their basic obligations. Much of that stigma is dated and the companies who do engage in sustainable waste management and corporate recycling?are actually saving their business money while simultaneously acting in an ethical and sustainable way.

Here are five easily identifiable waste management rules that could save your business money.

1. Avoid Waste

Avoiding waste is the preferable method for most businesses as it has the greatest opportunity for material savings. Potential waste areas include product design, packaging, and even considering the materials used in your garden. Many businesses have already made the transition to reusable materials and mulched areas instead of lawn. The essence of avoiding waste is to see where waste exists and then to eliminate the source of the issue.

2. Reduce?

Think outside the square on this. Does your business purchase energy efficient materials in your office space design? Do you regularly check for dripping taps? What kind of cleaning agents do your cleaners use? Rather than completely removing the cause of the waste, you might be able to make simple changes that increase the longevity and health of your resources. Many companies have reported dramatic savings in paper costs when they have simply switched to double-sided printing.

3. Reuse

Rather than having those Styrofoam cups lying around the kitchen, encourage staff to bring in ceramic mugs. Encourage your suppliers to issue reusable cartons rather than cardboard boxes that always end up in a timely effort to shove in the recycle bins. If you are regularly throwing away masses of one thing, you could consider partnerships with local businesses that might be able to use your waste.

4. Recycle

Recycling includes composting. If you have a garden space, this means a thriving, lower-cost garden. Local councils may be aware of whether particular and unique business items can be recycled. Some items may even have direct opportunities for cash return. Business recycling doesn?t have to be costly; in fact, many local councils will be happy to help local business with waste management initiatives.

5. Separate

Having separate wheelie bins will encourage staff to participate in reducing business waste in a way that is both convenient and easy, such as plastic recycling. Skip bins are available for large items for effective garbage removal.

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