Five ways your business can cut costs on printing

PrinterLast week, this blog looked at ways in which businesses could create a paperless workplace. While this might be an achievable ambition for companies who primarily operate over the internet, for some workplaces, such as schools, courts and clinics, paper and ink are still indispensable materials.

However, in a world where recycling is vital in terms of a company?s double bottom line ? fiscal performance and social impact ? bosses might feel pressured to save money on ink and keep printing to a minimum. Here are five ways they can achieve those objectives:

1. Print double-sided

This is a well-known tactic used by savvy home computing users, but it can be incorporated by businesses as well. Simply ask your IT support to set ?double-sided printing? as the default option across your network; voila, you?ve halved your output already!

2. Use thinner fonts

Surprisingly, your choice of fonts can have an impact on the amount of ink your printer uses. Classic fonts such as Calibri, Times New Roman and Cambria all have ?thinner? characters, compared to bolder fonts such as Arial, Lucida and Trebuchet. Remember to tell your workers to avoid Comic Sans at all costs, though!

3. Use smaller font sizes

It might seem obvious, but using 10pt for your text instead of 14pt can make a massive difference in terms of your business?s printing output in the long run. Obviously, don?t make your staff have to squint to read reports, but printing drafts in big, thick letters is a big no-no in terms of environmental impact.

4. Tone down your printing

Most printers are set-up for personal use, meaning they are automatically programmed to be ?presentation-ready?. It?s unlikely that everything your workforce needs to print will be this important, so set your printer to ?draft? as default to ensure you?re not needlessly using up all your toner.

5. Choose T2 for your business recycling

We operate across Australia, providing waste management services for countless businesses. For your paper output, we can provide wheelie bins, free of charge, that are regularly collected. We also offer a detailed audit of your recycling process, giving you hints and tips on which areas you can save money in. For more information, give our friendly team a call today.

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