Four steps to effectively manage your business waste

waste management landfillTaking the time to understand and implement a waste management program will not only allow you to understand what waste your business is sending to landfill, it will also highlight areas where you can save money through reduction in waste and improved recycling initiatives.

The following steps outline how your business can most effectively manage waste:

1. Understand your waste

The best way to understand and manage your waste is to undertake a waste audit. A waste audit is a process that establishes the amount of waste generated, and the breakdown of waste types.

Based on audit results, ongoing goals and targets can be set to assist your business to improve recycling practices, and ultimately save money with the reduction in waste disposal.

2. Set up your waste management system

Once you have a better understanding of your waste stream, an appropriate waste management system can be implemented. The system needs to remain flexible for any unscheduled quantities and volumes of waste, and will vary depending on business type.

During this step, it is beneficial to involve a waste management company to assist you to understand your waste and recycling options.

3. Communication and engagement

The success of your waste and recycling program will rely heavily on the involvement of key stakeholders within your organisation, including staff, cleaners, and suppliers.

There are various ways to communicate and engage with stakeholders, including adequate signage, ongoing inductions and training, staff meetings, newsletters, and notice boards.

Engaging stakeholders from the outset will allow you to become familiar with any initial concerns or challenges so they can be accommodated within the plan, and also empower them to become involved.

4. Maintain and monitor

Regularly maintaining and monitoring the waste management system will help your business to track progress, identify any opportunities for improvement, and assist with annual budgeting taking into consideration the savings as a result of the program.

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