How to encourage employees to recycle at work

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Benefits for your business

Implementing an efficient, environmentally-friendly waste management system on your business premises has multiple benefits. Dumping waste into landfill is very expensive, especially in those states with a landfill levy and recycling will help you save money. Also you?re doing your bit to help the environment, so you can proudly say that your business is a green company, which is an important factor that can influence decisions for many potential customers and clients. This can only be achieved if your employees get on board. Here are our tips on how to get the workforce working together to help achieve your green initiatives by recycling:

Make it simple

While most people have good intentions to recycle, busy employees will rarely go out of their way to do so. Therefore, as the employer you must make it easy for them. Provide recycling bins in all appropriate areas of the business premises, and ensure that they are clearly marked so it?s obvious which bin is for recycling and which is for non-recyclable waste. If you have an office where a lot of paper is used, you should make sure recycling bins are in easy reach of all employees? desks.

Educate about recycling

If your employees understand the reasons you want to implement a good recycling programme in your company, they will be more likely to follow your guidance. You could send out information by email, but it might be ignored by employees with other tasks they see as higher priority. To ensure that everyone gets the message, you could set up a mandatory seminar on the subject for all employees to attend. Look for ways to make the seminar interesting and fun so it doesn?t feel like too much of a chore.

Reward system

If you?re struggling to convince your employees to care about the environment in the same way you do, then perhaps you can incentivise them with something they do care about. You could give out rewards such as a bottle of wine, a gift voucher or an early home time to the team who recycle the most each week. You could also offer a reward in return for employees attending a seminar on recycling, or helping to promote recycling among their colleagues.

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