The Important Role of Waste Management in Facilities Management

Traditionally, waste management used to be considered a low priority area in facilities management, especially with older high-rise residential buildings. Recycling was also not considered very seriously, and most buildings had very few recycling bins available.

But as we become more aware of the environmental impact of waste disposal, the situation is changing. Most states are deciding to introduce policies intended to reduce landfill wastes and encourage recycling through increased fees and levies for landfill wastes. In this scenario, waste management has risen to a top priority issue.

The challenges

Older buildings often have the single chute system that empties all garbage into basement skips. This reduces recycling as residents have to take all recyclables to the waste collection area ? usually located at the ground or basement level ? themselves.

A possible solution to this could be having recycling bins at each level, which can then be emptied every couple of days by cleaning staff. This is also challenging because of the space constraints and the costs associated with emptying the bins.

Most newly developed buildings are implementing the dual stream or dual-chute system which offers residents in-unit recycling ability. Some older buildings have improvised with a recycling chute on each level, instead of in each unit. If space is available, effective segregation facilities can also be established at low cost.

Improving waste efficiency

The increased costs of waste disposal have given an additional incentive for minimising waste in addition to the environmental benefits ? it reduces operating costs by reducing waste handling and disposal charges of landfill wastes.

The following steps can be useful for waste minimisation:

  • Providing separate waste storage and recycling areas.
  • Providing locations for hard waste collection.
  • Adding a charity bin where residents can put items for donation.
  • Actively monitoring waste performance.
  • Educating and encouraging residents to separate landfill and recyclable wastes.
  • Using sustainable building practices and minimising wastes during refurbishment or new construction.

How T2 Environmental can help

T2 Environmental is a facility management company that provides both waste and recycling collection services for Queensland clients. Having a single company take over all facility management services simplifies the whole experience.

We are committed to the principles of ‘zero waste to landfill’ and help our clients come up with a waste and recycling management plan that can help reduce landfill wastes and thus reduce costs.

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