When Might You Need A Skip Bin?

For regular household garbage disposal, garbage and recycling bins are sufficient. Small businesses and residential complexes also often use multiple garbage bins for their waste management needs.

However, industries and businesses generating larger amounts of waste might require skip bins. The difference between a garbage bin and a skip bin is that a garbage bin is emptied into a larger truck that will be emptied at a dumping site, whereas a skip bin is directly taken to the transfer station or landfill site in a special truck. An empty skip bin will be often be needed and left to replace the full bin.

Here are some instances where a skip bin might be required:

  • Regular waste disposal purposes for large industries.
  • Restaurants or food industries to handle food and packaging waste.
  • Larger apartments to handle residential waste.
  • Individual households might also require a skip bin during a renovation or reconstruction phase to handle construction waste, when moving out, or when doing major landscaping.

In general, any occasion requiring the immediate disposal of a large amount of garbage can benefit from a skip bin. Skip bins are available in several different sizes depending on the amount of garbage to be disposed.

Is a special permit required?

In Queensland, skip bins do not generally require a permit if the bin will be placed on your property or driveway, or on a footway for a short duration (less than 48 hours). However, a permit from the relevant council is required when:

  • The skip bin will be placed on a footway and will be there for more than two days.
  • The skip bin will fully obstruct the footway causing pedestrians to step on the road.
  • The skip bin will be placed somewhere within the CBD or on the footway of a busy main road.

An important thing to remember is that regular skip bins cannot be used for asbestos disposal. Separate asbestos removal skip bins must be used: the bins must be double-lined with thick plastic (at least 200 micron thickness) and sealed using quality duct tape. Other wastes should not be mixed with the asbestos waste.

Where can I obtain one?

T2 Environmental uses the best available local contractors and transport providers to help our clients with their waste and recycling management needs. We provide a full range of skip bins that can handle construction waste, industrial and commercial waste, food or farm waste etc.

If your business requires one or several skip bins, for long-term or one-time use, call us on 1300 578 707.

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