Sunshine Coast Property Maintenance Issues to Consider

As buildings age, minor issues like cracking tile grout, chipping paint or pest problems start to crop up. Regular maintenance can tackle these issues before they become major expensive problems.

A good property maintenance company takes care of both preventive maintenance and repairs. Both landlords and property managers benefit from maintenance experts who have the right tools and specific equipment required for any fixing jobs.

Preventive maintenance: Regular preventive maintenance can help prevent issues or catch them in developing stages before expensive repairs become necessary. Some essential steps include:

– Drain and gutter cleaning: Drains and gutters can be blocked due to tree leaves, overgrown tree roots or other debris. This can cause water logging which might compromise the integrity of the building structure. It is best to clean all drains and gutters regularly to prevent any build-up.

– Removing mould or mildew and regrouting: Tile grout sometimes cracks over time and the caulking gets dislodged. This damages the waterproof seal causing water leaks. Similarly, if care is not taken to remove steam build-up and condensation, mould and mildew can result.

– Landscape maintenance: For independent houses, yard maintenance is usually the tenant?s responsibility but for apartments, property maintenance companies handle all landscaping work including tree lopping, hedge trimming, lawn mowing and other such jobs.

– Pest control: Pest problem is often one of the major reasons for tenants vacating the property, so it is best to do regular spraying to avoid mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and other pests

Corrective maintenance: In addition to the regular maintenance, timely repairs are necessary to avoid further deterioration and to maintain the property at an acceptable standard. This includes:

– Fixing windows and doors: Issues like broken windows or doors that don?t lock properly are repair jobs that need urgent fixing to maintain adequate safety. Replacing door weather seals or fly screens also help maintain tenant comfort.

– Painting and tiling: A building that has been properly maintained through regular painting and tile replacement continues to attract good tenants.

– Graffiti removal: Though graffiti is mostly found on public property, there are instances of it happening on private fences and walls. The presence of graffiti conveys an impression that the community is unsafe and affects property values as well as getting tenants. Removal of graffiti therefore becomes a priority for landlords and property managers.

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