Staying Healthier With Better School Cleaning

A clean and sanitary school environment is essential for students’ health and well-being. While it is impossible to completely prevent infections from spreading, thorough cleaning can certainly reduce the chances.

In the case of illnesses like the common cold, flu, some bacterial infections etc., the person is contagious even before the symptoms start to appear – increasing the chances of any infections spreading. Children, especially younger children, are not very diligent about hygiene practices like hand washing, so it’s important that regular, professional cleaning is carried out in all schools.

Regular cleaning: This covers the day-to-day cleaning including vacuuming, mopping, picking up rubbish, emptying rubbish and recycling bins, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and removing infectious waste and any other tasks.

Periodic cleaning: This includes the cleaning tasks that need not be done daily – like polishing vinyl floors and cleaning carpets, windows and walls. These can be performed at a frequency determined by the school or health authorities.

Both regular and periodic cleaning should be done on a fixed schedule for maximum effectiveness.
Queensland school administrators in charge of cleaning should consider:

– Use of natural cleaning products: Natural cleaning products without harsh chemicals are ideal for school cleaning. Harsh chemicals produce dangerous fumes and should be used only in well-ventilated areas, so use of such products in schools should be avoided or kept to a minimum.

– Awareness of dust mites and allergies: School-aged children are most at risk for different airborne allergies. Ideally, the vacuum cleaners used in schools should be fitted with a dust-mite filter so that the mites are completely trapped and not spread around through the air.

– Importance of disinfecting: For most surfaces touched by children, both cleaning and disinfection are recommended ? this includes door handles and taps.

– Staying within budget: For most schools with annual cleaning budgets, it is important to spread out the periodic cleaning to ensure that the budget is well-utilised to the school’s best benefit.

– Special focus on special education facilities: Due to the needs of the students, additional care, time and resources might be required for special education facilities.

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