The Ultimate Cost Saving Waste Reduction Program

Waste reduction is crucial to your company’s profitability, and to the environment. Simply look at your monthly waste bill with your accountant and you’ll probably be amazed at how much your business throws away each month – not only in waste, but in cold hard cash.

It’s a business issue which needs constant attention, though many companies just rely on a waste collection service instead of carefully considering the options to improve the way waste is handled.

Whether it’s from your factory floor, your hospital, your office, your shop, your small business, or even coffee grounds and food waste from your restaurant or cafe, every commercial wheelie bin or skip bin of discarded material is costing you money.

Making Money From Clever Waste Reduction Options

Almost every business generates a level of waste products. Whether it’s imperfectly made items which fail quality control measures, unwanted packaging or the by products of the production process, your organisation will almost certainly have materials which it cannot make use of. Amazingly, rather than pay to have them disposed of, many companies are now discovering that with some creative thinking, it’s possible to reduce waste by selling on unwanted materials. Take a look at three possible waste reduction solutions which also generate welcome income.


1. A “seconds” shop

Many larger organisations or industrial operations have a “seconds” outlet. This is a facility where individuals can purchase imperfect items which aren’t suitable for general sale, or waste materials which have the potential for use in craft or DIY projects. Frequently, the proceeds from this type of outlet are donated to charity, helping an organisation fulfil its philanthropic aims as well as reduce landfill.

2. Recycling

A wide variety of materials can be recycled, including metals, textiles, green waste, plastics, glass, and paper. More and more modern businesses are opting to use recycling led waste companies, who subsequently sell on waste for recycling, passing the profit on to customers. Using a single waste collection provider significantly reduces the amount of time needed for contract management and prevents the need to schedule in the numerous waste and recycling collections that using multiple recycling companies would entail.

3. Discover the potential for new products

Waste coconut shells in Thailand are made into briquettes to provide a clean, effective barbecue fuel. Many industries produce waste that is suitable for transforming into biomass fuels, surfacing materials and various other useful items. With so many innovative ways of using waste products as the raw materials for further production, there’s every chance that your rubbish could be the basis for a new, profitable venture.

4. Work with an expert

Recycling and paperless offices are becoming more the norm in every type of business organisation.This very important new direction  is really your responsibility, but you will need expert assistance in getting your waste  costs under control and under budget. Our experience demonstrates a minimum 30% saving on business waste collection costs through expert modelling of your particular waste needs. You should pay for what you need, not just a blanket waste contract which may not meet all your requirements, or overreach what you really need.

5. Choose a Modern Waste Company

We provide unmatched waste management services for businesses throughout Australia through our partnership with a number of local waste and recycling collection companies to provide a nation-wide service.

T2 Enviro is a waste company with a difference, not only dealing with your waste more skilfully but consulting and advising you on the most efficient, cost-effect ways to develop a tailor-made waste reduction program, and thereby improve both your bottom line and the environment.

With efficient modelling of your waste, T2 Enviro covers every aspect, from garbage removal, hazardous waste collections, and recycling of plastics, paper and cardboard. We also advise on how you can move toward a more streamlined and responsible production of waste within your organisation – like how to save paper and ink toner – and thereby save you money and help take pressure off the environment.

T2 Enviro is unlike other traditional waste companies in that we manage your account through vetted local waste and recycling companies in all major cities in Australia who share our vision and expertise. All these companies offer state-of-the-art business waste and recycling.

Contemporary waste and recycling is now far more about distributing and utilising resources effectively than it is about standard rubbish disposal. If you’re keen to not only minimise your waste, but also maximise its profitability, it’s definitely worth considering the advantages which redistribution and recycling could bring to your enterprise.

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