What to know when hiring a rubbish removal company

If your office needs a clean-up, or you?re moving to a new location, you mightWheelie Bin Black need to have a good think about what rubbish?removal company to hire. There are many to choose from and sometimes the task can be overwhelming enough to give you a headache. We?ve put together this simple guide to help you choose the rubbish removal company that?s right for you.

Rubbish removal in Australia can mean many things. Sometimes a business may need a regular commercial rubbish removal services in a skip bin, front lift bin or wheelie bins. However the most frequent use of the term rubbish removal is for either a one off skip hire service or a man and a van rubbish removal service. We will be writing a blog soon on the differences between the two and the advantages and disadvantages of both. You can also check out when might you need a skip bin. For now lets look at the important factors when choosing your rubbish removal company.

Does the company have a good reputation?

Before you choose the cheapest company on offer, consider whether the rubbish disposal company might be cutting costs by cutting corners. You want to ensure you hire a company that has high quality service.

A reputable company will:

  • Perform background checks on all workers
  • Give in-depth training to all staff
  • Provide drivers with clean records
  • Have trucks that are equipped with reverse sensors and dashboard driving cameras

Does the company have stringent cleaning measures?

You want to make sure the company you hire will clean up after themselves. Although disposing of rubbish can be a dirty job, you don?t want the company you hire to leave any scrap behind.

A company that puts sanitation first will:

  • Have staff that are dressed appropriately in protective clothing
  • Wear professional and branded uniforms that are well-kept
  • Have vehicles and employees that are cleanly presented

Is the company reliable?

You don’t want to invest a lot of time in hiring a company for your clean-up job, only to discover that they don’t turn up on the day.

A reliable company will:

  • Turn up for the job on time, or even five minutes early
  • Have good customer service should any problems arise, or any questions need to be answered
  • Stay in regular contact either by phone or email

How do you know whether you?re picking a good rubbish removal company?

All these tips are great, but how can you ensure you?re choosing a company that has all the above merits? Here are some easy steps to follow that can ensure you?re picking the right business to work with:

  • Ask other companies for any recommendations
  • Call a company and ask them some questions, receiving a quote and testing out their customer service
  • Look up online reviews to see if the company has anything written about them
  • Check out the company’s website to see if it’s up-to-date and professional
  • Visit the office in person to see whether their place of work is clean and efficient. Ask to inspect any vehicles to ensure they’re of a high standard

We hope with these tips we can make your business waste removal job an easy one.

We offer rubbish removal services across Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast. We use a variety of local rubbish removal companies and we have already completed the necessary checks for you. We also have a database of costs so we can get you great pricing as well as the best rubbish removal services.

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