What to look for from your waste management service

Recycling BagsIt’s tempting to think that most recycling services offer much the same level of provision, but in reality this is frequently just not the case.

Some providers deliver far more for the price you pay than others, so why not take a look at some of the additional benefits your organisation could enjoy, simply by opting for a high calibre waste company that makes premium customer service a priority?

Integrated recycling service

When it comes to procurement, it’s nearly always more cost effective to opt for a company that can provide a range of services through one, straightforward and flexible contract than it is to try and juggle multiple contracts from a selection of different providers. In addition, using a single, experienced organisation for all your recycling requirements ensures that none of your waste gets inconveniently left behind due to it being outside the contract’s remit.

Benefit from additional cash

Many recycling companies sell on your recycling, but don’t give you a share of the profit. Fortunately there are providers that do give you money back on any valuable resources that they sell. This type of arrangement gives the twin benefits of a circular economy and helpful added income.

Experience and advice

A dedicated waste provider won’t just take away waste products in a timely and efficient manner, they will also have the expertise to advise on customised waste disposal methods designed to keep costs to a minimum. If you’re keen to discover ways to reduce waste across your company, or need to meet corporate recycling needs within a tight budget, a successful waste management service will have plenty of useful tips and suggestions to share.

By using a well-established waste management company with a national presence and several different recycling facilities, it’s possible to save significantly on costs as well as enjoy a holistic, tailor made service that will be capable of meeting your recycling needs. If you’re currently considering which waste management provider will be most suitable, remember to look for partners that have the commitment to customer care and exemplary service your organisation deserves.

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